Bouncing Back From Failing your GED Exam

“It’s failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.”

Ellen DeGeneres

Life happens. It doesn’t matter how positive an attitude you have or how balanced and centered you are, there are going to be times when you are knocked down. Ties when your carefully organized life is turned upside down and you get knocked on your rear end. Life happens.

You will no doubt experience serious illness in either yourself or someone close to you. You may be challenged with the loss of a loved one, a divorce or perhaps the loss of a job or any number of situations that will leave you feeling like you were kicked in the stomach.

Let’s face it. These things will happen. They’re part of life and no matter how you try to explain them away with the idea that, `everything happens for a reason,` they hurt. A lot! They hurt at the very core of your being. The pain begins in your heart and radiates throughout your entire being. Repeating positive phrases does not make it stop hurting.

At times like these, you’re going to feel down, even depressed. You probably feel anger or some other manifestation of your pain. Whatever you’re feeling, it’s ok. It’s ok to feel hurt, sad, angry or whatever your true feelings are. You cannot deny pain any more than can deny fear. The only way through either of them is to give yourself permission to feel the feeling.

The question is not whether or not you will feel down. The question is for how long will you stay in this state? The measure of who you are is the way you respond after SUCH EVENTS!

The difference between people who get through life’s challenging moments, regardless of the seriousness, and those who are immobilized by the events is what I call the `BOUNCE FACTOR.`

How quickly can you bounce back? Of course, the severity of the event will have a lot to do with the time it will take you to get past the pain and on with your life.

Take the example of someone FAILING their GED exam. The disappoint may feel overwhelming but you must FOCUS on your motivations for taking the GED. Wanting a promotion? Needing a new job? Your KIDS counting on you? Anything worth having takes sacrifice. You may express your disappointment by crying, or even becoming angry but these are all natural feelings. But, responding in a negative manner, programs your future response to events such as this. BOUNCE BACK and FOCUS that energy back into your STUDIES! Reflect. Did you study enough? Do I need 1-1 tutoring? Did you adhere to your study schedule? Answer these questions and more and BOUNCE BACK. Because that new job, your seat at the local community college, the spot in the upcoming Nursing program etc. is YOURS! Bounce Back, claim it and let your ACTIONS determine your SUCCESS!

People who react negatively spend weeks, even months, wallowing in despair until, if they’re fortunate, someone close to them convinces them to BOUNCE BACK.

Your future depends on you reacting much differently. Although you may go through the same experience you must CHOOSE  to react differently.

If you are in this situation, you must, after a brief period of feeling a loss of self-esteem, self-pity and anger, decide to get back in the game. Contacting peers to review material, talk to your tutor but most IMPORTANTLY, UNDERSTAND where you made your mistakes and vow NOT to make them again.  In a short time, you’ll find yourself as a GED graduate.

Don’t remain `stuck` in your failure, but handle your disappointment(s) and move FORWARD in a positive manner.

This is the key. It’s not whether life occasionally puts you into a tailspin, it’s how long you remain there.

When something devastating happens to you, allow yourself some time to be disappointed and be upset, however, don’t allow yourself to get stuck there. Take some action. Talk about your feelings with a trusted friend or an advisor and get back STUDYING!

Before being helped by me, I’ve had students that have failed their GED Math exam three times, seven times, eleven times and even a whopping seventeen times but GUESS WHAT! every single of my students are GED Graduates. Pass GED Math in 30 days is here to help but first you must HELP YOURSELF!

You have to be able to accept failure to get better.

LeBron James

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