Why you should buy this E-Book?

The goal of this book is to decrease the time on each problem while ensuring correctness by demonstrating and practicing with the TI-30XS scientific calculator.

Using the techniques demonstrated in the book, I hope to improve your self-esteem and confidence in mathematics. My ultimate goal is not just attainment of your GED but improving yourself as a human being. To prove to each and everyone of you that purchased this book, this is ONLY THE BEGINNING!

The PRICE – less than the cost of your exam
Student success rate – 100% as of 3/21/2021

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  • Tracey Scott2-7-2021

    Mr. Tinsley is a wonderful math teacher, unlike other teachers he caters to your style of learning. That benefited me a great deal. I have struggled with math all of my life. Mr. Tinsley taught me at my pace of learning and he made the math make sense. I failed my Ged twice once I started lessons with Mr. Tinsley I was ready to take my test 2 weeks later and I passed. Please buy this book you will not regret it.

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