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  • Jessica Jones8-29-2015

    Thanks. I am so HAPPY, I found this site!

  • Tracey Scott2-7-2021

    Mr. Tinsley is a wonderful math teacher, unlike other teachers he caters to your style of learning. That benefited me a great deal. I have struggled with math all of my life. Mr. Tinsley taught me at my pace of learning and he made the math make sense. I failed my Ged twice once I started lessons with Mr. Tinsley I was ready to take my test 2 weeks later and I passed. Please buy this book you will not regret it.

  • Rachel Coleman3-15-2021

    There are so many technical technicalities . If anyone is like me I talk out loud to myself when I’m thinking that can be taken as cheating and then your test is cut off.

  • Catalina Sada3-17-2021

    I passed my last subject which is Math it was one of my most difficult test on the GED. I was so blessed to have studied your YouTube videos. And lessons on using the calculator which help me pass Math on my GED and have a great understanding. I am an official GED graduate. Thank you — Catalina Sada

  • Dila Saadi3-28-2021

    I wanted to thank you Jeremy for all the tips and the videos! After completing the eBook, and watching your videos, I felt so CONFIDENT The videos helped me so much! I will definitely recommend you to all my friends that are preparing to pass their Ged! You are the best! Thank you

  • Rotasha Bellamy4-16-2021

    I been watching your videos for only 2 weeks, you helped my under slopes and system of equations,in a easy way. I passed my math test today, now just waiting for my GED in the mail Thank you so much!

  • Misty Slater6-25-2021

    Thanks for your videos and your help. These are amazing and have been a huge help

  • Bridgett McAdams4-26-2022

    Just started the program about five days ago, and loving it already, So many resources and information. I can truly see myself for the
    first time passing my test with no problem and a short time. WOW!!!!!
    Everything is just right there for you to pass. The test!!
    Thanks so much for being so created and putting everything together
    in just one stop. Don’t let me forget the e-book if you have not purchased it, please do. the best thing EVER.

  • Mark9-11-2022

    Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

  • John Williams12-29-2202

    Why is the GED Math exam so difficult? I failed it eight times already and each time, I have to wait 60 days.

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